Well……. Hello :-)

Goodness, hasn’t WordPress changed since I was last here?!

I’m revisting today via a circuitous route, prompted initially by mention of my ‘Witchy-Woo hat’ a couple of days ago and ending with a lazy read round the blogosphere this afternoon. First off, thank you to everyone who’s left comments asking how I am and wishing me well. Life is good – better than ever, in fact – hope yours is too. I haven’t written here for over a year because real life has moved on apace and there simply hasn’t been the time to devote to regular blogging – there probably still isn’t! But I’m still radical feministing – currently heavily involved in a Europe-wide project around women, domestic violence and mental health as well as my work stuff (which is the same) and my volunteering (also the same). Yep, there’s still a neverending stream of women abused by men out there. Some things haven’t changed.

Which is the point of this post really. I haven’t really read any blogs for twelve months or more till this afternoon. I was heartened to find some new radfem bloggers prepared to take on the world – excellent writers positing logical arguments and brimming with conviction – the cyber-movement is safe without me. Phew! I was somewhat disheartened though to find the same old counter arguments being wheeled out – by many of the same old bloggers and commenters. It’s like a stuckness, a stagnentation that disenables any kind of forward movement for anyone which, I guess, is part of the point if you’re happy with the status quo and reluctant to embrace change even if it’d partially achieve some of your stated aims.

I was also by turns amused and stupified by the continuing radfem bashing that goes on on the blogosphere. Some bloggers, punters, pimps and enablers *still* appear to consider the personal vilification of certain radfems fair game in their quest to take over the world. Begs the question, why? Seems to me that if one is a dragon there’s little need to be fearful of a spark. Or is there… the bun fight post on this blog still receives an inordinate amount of hits and it happened *four years ago*! (And most of the radfem commenters on that post are no longer posting.) I find that really, really sad.

Personally, I can’t be arsed with rehashing the same old arguments with the same old monikers. Hats off to those who are hanging in there – keep up the good work – but I get easily bored by egos that think they’re bigger than arguments. I haven’t missed it and I think that, if I’m to begin regular blogging again, I need to re-evaluate my comments policy.

Wow. Just noticed – my blogroll is *so* out of date! I’ll get to it….

10 responses to “Well……. Hello :-)

  1. what else can i say but hello. welcome back. glad you’re around whether you write a lot or a little. it’s always good.

    your life is good? reaping what you sow, i guess. long may it continue.

  2. Lovely to think you might begin blogging again.

  3. Oh, and those same peeps still taking umbrage and clinging to the same old myths?
    I read this a few years ago and suddenly I understood.

  4. Radical Feminism is the most powerful force on the planet and all men are aligned against it for that reason, or so you would think if you dropped in from Arcturus.
    Glad you are back. I hope you have time for a bit of bloggidy.

  5. Hi Witchy xxxxooo

    So lovely to hear from you. You’re saying hello only. No I won’t advise you to stay. It’s dirtier than you can imagine.

    Work. Work. And work. So what exactly accounts for the better than ever?

  6. Can you tell us about the European venture?

  7. Hi there Witchy!
    Yes, you are right, it is very much the same ol’ same ol’, sort of perma-groundhog day that goes on. For variety though, we now have the opposition wearing nice pink dresses (even though they sound exactly the same as all the other entitled males).
    Welcome back, even if it is only to say hello! We have missed you!

  8. Hi Witchy! Your blog (among others) got me started with the radfem blogosphere. I would love it if you started blogging regularly again (hint hint)

  9. Hello to you too! Best of luck on your Europe-wide project.

  10. Crikey.

    Thanks to you all – I’m stunned that you even knew I’d posted! Woo… comments policy here I come…

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